From Awareness to Action: 3 Steps to Help Employees Address Substance Use

Replay the conversation about how HR leaders can develop effective strategies for supporting employees struggling with substance use disorder.


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Replay our Conversation

If your employees or their loved ones are struggling with alcohol or drug use, it can be an uphill battle to find the right treatment.

It’s essential to proactively create a culture of support and understanding that empowers leaders to address substance use, and encourages employees to get the confidential and comprehensive care they need.

Join Nicole Roger, Spring Health’s Director of Clinical Partnerships and Madeline Dean, Spring Health’s  Director of Strategy in an on-demand conversation around:

  • The root causes of harmful substance use, along with best practices for identifying and addressing this issue in the workplace
  • Effective approaches for treatment and recovery, including counseling, support groups, and employee assistance programs
  • Ways to reduce the stigma around substance use disorder and create a more inclusive and caring workplace

Meet the Speakers

Director of Clinical Partnerships, Spring Health

Nicole Roger, MFT

Nicole is a licensed behavioral health therapist specializing in depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and life transitions. Previously, she was a network provider for Spring Health and has experience providing clinical support to start-ups, government agencies, and school districts.

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Director of Strategy, Spring Health

Madeline Dean

Madeline Dean, Director of Strategy at Spring Health, holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and Neuroscience from Duke and an MBA from Stanford. With a decade of healthcare experience, she excels in building global health intervention programs and collaborative care networks, focusing on rural and global contexts.

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